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"1,2,3" Board Games

A video by Nancy of how the Calendar and 1-2-3 Board Games work

The nine “1, 2, 3” games begin with a child’s ability to match a picture of 1, 2, and 3 items to the physical items. If they can do this they are ready to play game one which is a concrete sequence on their own track. They learn taking turns, exact count, more than, less than and many other concepts while playing this game. Each game adds concepts and/or skills. In the eighth and ninth games, the concepts of strategy based on probability theory enters. All the boards are tactile.

The Rules   The Guide for Parents and Teachers

"The games occupied my children for hours" -a parent

"This is one of the most amazing breakthroughs I have ever known" -Teacher working with two six year olds who were blind, deaf, mentally retarded who were never going to be able to learn Braille. Nancy built a modified version of Game 1 for these children.


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