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Children's Activity Wall Calendar

Where in time are Teddy and I?


Nancy Lelewer (Grades Pre-K-2 and special needs children)


 - Start anytime of year!

- helps develop a child's concept of time

- a great resource for parents and teachers

- over 500 full-color calendar cards


A video by Nancy of how the Calendar and 1-2-3 Board Games work


This unique calendar system will show your pre-school through 2nd grade students where they are in time. It is also a valuable teaching tool for parents and teachers. Beginning in the morning and interacting with it as the day progresses, children learn with picture cards of the day's activities. From the time they get up to the time they go to bed, your students and/or children can note what they do during the day.  Click here for the instruction booklet.


Children will identify with the cute, colorful teddy bears in the illustrations as they work, play, eat, sleep, read, go to school, watch TV, get dressed, brush teeth, hundreds of activities included!


Concepts of yesterday, today, tomorrow; the days of the week; what is a day, a week, a month, and a year; what comes before and after; morning, afternoon, and evening; holidays- are all explored and developed using this fun, interactive chart.


The chart (27" x 32") is made of durable nylon and has clear plastic pockets that enable the cards to be easily removed. The 4 columns of the left side of the Activity Wall Calendar serve as storage pockets for the many picture cards. There is a drape that covers the storage columns so as to not to confuse children.  The chart has both grommets and Velcro attachments so that it can hang anywhere in your classroom or house. Instructions for use included.


What people have said about the Calendar:


"THE CHILDREN'S ACTIVITY WALL CALENDAR is an outstanding, one-of-a-kind classroom tool for teaching temporal concepts. Nothing else has been so effective for my students." Lynn Arnn Higby, First Grade Teacher, Tulsa, OK


"Finally the light dawned for my students as they used THE CHILDREN'S ACTIVITY WALL CALENDAR. " Moira Walsh, Public School Speech & Language Clinician, Winthrop, MA


"I began using THE CHILDREN'S ACTIVITY WALL CALENDAR when my son was 5 years old. It was extremely helpful in teaching him the concept of time by breaking the days up into activities to which he could relate." Jennifer Crawford, Parent, Cherry Hill, NJ


"Our 5 yr. olds had fun while learning" Mike Erickson, Parent, Corte Madera, CA


"Katie said she started the calendar, by showing the bear, and the pictures, and the last thing she did was put in the days of the week and hang it up. She said Killian, her 2nd grader, stood back studying it and she could see his face light up as he began to grasp the concept of days and a week. Just like someone had turned on a light." a Parent




$39.95     CHILDREN'S ACTIVITY WALL CALENDAR plus shipping and handling (bank check and money orders only )

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