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HILR Vol 6, April 2007 cover

Harvard Institute of Learning Review, Volume 6, April 2007


As I entered the hospital room, I found Sue crying next to Gracie’s crib and realized this was a child who was dying, not just sick. While trying to feed Gracie in Charlotte, when her entire small intestine had died, the nurses destroyed all of Gracie’s tiny veins, so there was no way to get food into her. Sue had flown Gracie to Boston as a last hope of saving her life. The doctor at Boston Children’s Hospital had already operated once. Now he reported Gracie would need another surgery. The tube he had placed through her liver to her heart to feed her was flopping around and, if left, would destroy her liver. He needed to glue her organs together and sew the tube to the liver. This night Sue agreed to come home with me. We purchased liver and I gave her my sewing kit. As I fixed dinner, Sue sat and sewed the liver. Her daughter’s life depended on the knots holding....

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