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One family’s struggle with learning disabilities

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1665734663

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1665734660



An Autobiography by NANCY LELEWER


1994 Parent's Choice Approved®


Published in three formats: Kindle, Hardcover and Paperback


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Learning disabilities (LD) are a root cause of major problems in our society. Vast numbers of youngsters are not receiving appropriate education. Nancy Lelewer’s story began when even less was known about learning disabilities than is known today. In a gripping and fast-moving narrative style, this book brings home the fact that LD persons need to receive instruction via different  routes and the earlier the better.


<= The Second Edition  was recently published March 6, 2023,

and available at Amazon, and Barnes & Noble Click here to purchase


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Praise for Second Edition from Professionals

"SOMETHING’S NOT RIGHT grabbed me. How many schools, doctors, school psychologists, special ed teachers does it take to diagnose and treat a child with a complex learning and comportment disorder? One, the right one, but this is easier said than done. Even today, when we have more advanced tools, better data and plausible theories, there remain many Brian’s left to the dedication, intelligence, energy, and emotional resilience of their mothers. Parents of these special children will feel relieved, even vindicated, after reading this book. Many will get guidance from this brave mother that will prove to be helpful.”

-- Albert M. Galaburda, MD

Emily Fisher Landau Professor of Neurology

Emeritus Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA


“As the parent of a child with learning differences, and President of a University with programs to educate these students to live their best lives, I found SOMETHING’S NOT RIGHT an accurate portrayal of the experience of these students and their parents to this day and a call to action to change their journey every step of the way.”

-- Janet L. Steinmayer


Lesley University, Cambridge, MA



Nancy Lelewer in her updated, Second Edition of the auto-biography, SOMETHING’S NOT RIGHT: One Family’s Struggle with Learning Disabilities has given one unique woman’s heartfelt presentation of caring for family with challenges that stress the education and health care systems. Mostly as a single mother, Nancy takes the reader on a journey that highlights that with tenacity, resilience, individualized developmental care, and most of all love, a solution can be found for oft times apparently insurmountable obstacles. She also shows us that if this is not the case, those solutions can be created. Along the way she gently educates us, both parents and professionals, about the current scientific thinking about language-based learning disabilities and the behavioral sequelae which often travel together.

-- Gloria B McAnulty, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry

Harvard Medical School

Director, Neurobehavioral Infant & Child Studies,

Boston Children’s Hospital


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